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508 Films' award-winning work has been showcased in numerous festivals around the United States- including: St. Louis Filmmakers' Showcase; Outlaw Film Festival; Dazed 4 Horror Film Festival; Spotlight Horror Film Awards; 48 Hour Film Festival; and .ZACK Showcase Sampler. In September 2017, short film Richie and the Styles was broadcast on television show Frames for 4 consecutive episodes. Please enjoy the trailer for Richie and the Styles, currently screening in festivals, and the award-winning The Devil's Conductor in its entirety!

Richie and the Styles- Teaser

Richie and the Styles is the story of a St. Louis jazz musician torn between potential commercial success and the integrity of his music. Created by 508 Films in Spring 2017, the film has screened at three festivals (Outlaw Film Festival, .ZACK Showcase Sampler, and the St. Louis Filmmakers' Showcase), and was broadcast on television show Frames throughout the month of September, 2017. Richie and the Styles was directed by Aaron Landgraf, written by Davis Wilton Bader, lensed by Jesse Bader, and stars: Richard Louis Ulrich, Jaan Marion, Cliff Mirabella, Tommy Kramer, Sabastian Neudeck, Luis Perez, and Gwendolyn Spicer. Music was provided by St. Louis artists: Funky Butt Brass Band and Keith Moyer.

The Devil's Conductor

The Devil's Conductor is an award-winning short film created by 508 Films for the 48-Hour Film Project. Following its acceptance at 48-Hour Film Project, The Devil's Conductor was an official selection and award-winner at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards as well as the Dazed 4 Horror Film Festival. The Devil's Conductor was filmed and directed by Aaron Landgraf, produced and co-directed by Marshall White, and stars Billy Mikoliza, Anna Knoblich, and Matthew Sherry. The film features music by Nariz Grande.

Last Legs: An Iron Mountain Story

The St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway (SLIM&SR) is a heritage railroad based out of Jackson, Missouri. Founded in the 1800s and once spanning hundreds of miles, the SLIM&SR is now relegated to a six-mile stretch of track operated by a passionate group of volunteers and professionals dedicated to keeping the history and traditions of the railroad alive for the next generation. Be a part of the SLIM&SR story by taking a train ride or donating money to help restore the steam engine and tracks! Visit their website for more information at:

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