Our Team

Aaron Landgraf is an award-wining Filmmaker and the CEO and Creative Director at 508 Films. His narrative film work includes the award-winning The Devil's Conductor, on which he served as Director and Director of Photography; +, on which he served as Director; Richie and the Styles, on which he served as Director and Executive Producer; and Learning, To Go web series, on which he served as Director and Co-Creator. Aaron received his filmmaking education at STLCC and gained an important appreciation for creative storytelling, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Aaron Landgraf
Tyler Hawthorne

Tyler Hawthorne is an Executive Producer and Content Creator at 508 Films as well as an absurdist Filmmaker, Documentarian, Television Producer, and Anti-Political instigator. Tyler, like many others, received his education in film through STLCC - Meramec where his films received heavy criticism, pushing him towards more Avant Garde influences and a hunger for Performance Art.